About Us

Thank you for visiting us,

We have a deep and sincere interest for wildlife, its research and conservation. That is why we have created Telenax – Telemetry for Nature.

Our principles:

  •  Service
  •  Quality
  •  Price


 Our mission:

  •  To create equipment for wildlife research and its conservation with a realistic and human sense.
  • To really support wildlife research. That is why our slogan is “We really care”. And to prove it we have taken the big decision of providing you with:
    • Guarantee of the best price by at least 10%
    • Quantity discounts
    • Aid to programs with limited resources
    • Offer free training to our customers.
  • To support the creation of a “Researcher’s area” where researchers can help each other to aid in wildlife conservation.


Our resources:

We have a very experienced staff with thorough knowledge and experience in Wildlife Telemetry, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

We own a fully equipped laboratory so we can manufacture and develop our products with the best quality and latest technology.

Our products are fully tested before they are delivered. We are always open to modify our products so they will adjust to your necessities because we know every animal and research is different.

We invite you to contact us. You will find a friendly environment where we understand your needs and we are always willing to help in all we can. Once you know us you will never again want to consider other options.

Alex Campos
Telecommunications Engineer & Telemetry Specialist
President of Telenax