Telenax visits Rabbit Project – Mexico

Visit to the Rabbit Project in La Malinche, Mexico. Telenax team Carmen Chavez and Alex Campos made a visit to the research about Rabbits located on the base of the mountain La Malinche in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico This project is lead by the Master in Science Jorge Vázquez Pérez, member of the Laboratory […]

North american Porcupine – Mexico

Habitat use and activity patterns of northern porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico. The North American porcupine is a little known species in Mexico, it has been reported in a few locations north of the country and is considered an endangered species. The design of the collar turned very suitable for this species, webbing […]

Manatee – Mexico

Manatee Project in Tabasco, Mexico Manatee (Trichechus manatus) is one of the four species that currently make the Sirenia Order. All of these species are threatened to extinction all around their area of distribution due to hunting. The transmitter has a very good power and intensity of the signal, we were able to find the signal […]

Arboreal snake – Mexico

Research Project of tree snakes in Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico. Although this snake is relatively abundant, until recently many aspects of the natural history of the species were unknown due, among other factors, to their morphology and type of habits, i.e. its cryptic appearance and arboreal habits, which make it very difficult to observe and locate […]

Amazon Parrot – Brazil

Reintroduction project of Amazona vinacea in Brazil Vinaceous Amazons(Amazona vinacea) is classified as vulnerable in Brazil by the IUCN. This specie was reported to be currently extinct in the National Park where the release project was taken. I would advise people working with small sized amazons to use this collar version as they were simple to […]

American Mink – Czech Republic

Biology of an invasive species American mink (Mustela vision) on the Sazava River in the Czechomoravian highlands. American mink is an alien, invasive species in the Czech Republic, and it could cause a serious damage to the natural ecosystems. The range of the TELENAX´s TXE-207IH transmitter is 1000 meters (once implanted and with an internal coil antenna). In comparison […]

Eastern Box Turtle – USA

Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) radio telemetry movement and habitat use study with resident and relocated turtles Due to the increase in residential, commercial and road development box turtles may be forced to wander out of their ever shrinking isolated habitats into lands used by humans The Telenax transmitter has performed wonderfully despite extreme […]

Subterranean rodent – Argentina

Research project of area of action for Ctenomys mendocinus. The tuco-tuco mendocino is a species of the genus that inhabits one of the most arid regions of Argentina The equipment worked very well for the study of the home-range of these subterranean rodents. It allowed not only to know how tuco-tuco uses its space, but […]

Rabbit – Mexico

Research Project on Rabbits in La Malinche, Tlaxcala Mexico. Mountain Rabbit Sylvilagus cunicularius is an endemic specie of Mexico considered as “endangered specie”. Another advantage that we have found with this equipment has been to know when a rabbit is dead thanks to the Mortality sensor. This way we have found remains of even fresh […]

Crowned Eagle – Argentina

Reconstitution of rescued specimens of Crowned Eagle and study of habitat use.  Crowned eagle (Harpyhaliaetus coronatus) is one of the most endangered birds of prey of the Neotropical region. The result of Telenax transmitters have favored us during fieldwork, we have found the tagged animals in less time thanks to its directionality and clean signal despite the difficult terrain. Marked […]

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