Receiver RX_XM

Available at 1, 2 or 3 MHz bandwidth

  1. Description
    • Available at 1, 2 or 3 MHz bandwidth
    • Sensitive to both strong and weak signals for precise steering location
    • 1000 KHz range per band, prevents interference with other signals
    • Attenuator prevents overload, ensuring close and accurate monitoring
    • It has noise suppression circuitry to reduce unwanted signals
    • The signal meter needle oscillates to show signal strength
    • Back-lit signal meter to improve night tracking
    • Weighs less than 0.90kg (2 lb). Dimensions, 17.78cm (7 “) x 10.16cm (4”) x 11.43cm (4.5 “)
    • Rechargeable NiCd batteries provide 6-8 hours of full charge tracking
    • Charging unit, DC power cord, and nylon padded carrying case are included
    • Five-year warranty on parts and labour

    Technical Specifications:

    Noise factor: 2.5 dB or higher
    Input Impedance: 50 ohms +/- 10%
    Frequency Range: Continuous range selection from 148 and up to 222MHz
    Frequency Stability: +/- 1 KHz maximum (-20 to +70 degrees Celsius)
    Image and False Refusals: 60 db or higher
    Minimum Discernible Signal: -150 dBm (.007 microvolts) or higher
    Circuit Design: Modern dual superheterodyne converter with 8-pole crystal filter and 40 dB range gain control
    Manual Gain Range: 90 dB or higher
    Frequency Viewer: Direct digital reading in steps of 1 KHz; Analog delta tuning +/- 2 KHz from center of frequency
    Tuning: Three-digit, dust-resistant, swivel caster switch, digital control tuner with quartz lock
    Reset Frequency: A +/- 500 Hz
    Signal Measurement: 0-1 scale meter with high dynamic range and backlit circuit for night tracking. Built-in LED indicator a linear force-shine response for night tracking
    Noise Suppression Circuit: Eliminates most of the pulse and ignition noise to improve tracking under difficult conditions
    Operating Voltage: 10-15 volts DC current through the external DC jack (cigarette lighter cable with fuse included) or internal battery of 10 AA NiCd batteries