For VHF-only Equipment

  1. VHF

    We offer extra sensors that include:

    Activity-inactivity-mortality sensor: Available only on TXE and TXF models. This sensor allows you to know if the animal is moving or not, or if it has died (or the transmitter has fell from the animal). This is done by a change in the number of beeps per minute and works as follows: Standard mode is Active which will remain as long as there is movement within the pre-determined period of time (usually 4 to 10 seconds); if there is no movement within this period of time the unit will switch to Inactive and start to beep at a slower rate (e.g. instead of beeping once every second it will beep once every 1.5 seconds); if there is no movement for hours (usually 4 or 6 hours) then the unit will switch to Mortality mode and will start to make a double beeping (sounds like beep-beep———beep-beep——); any movement will make the unit reset and go back to Active mode.

    Posture sensor: It is used on very specific applications and needs to be defined previous to its purchase. It allows you to know when the animal gets in a specific position. For example, when a bat is hanging on the caves, when a deer has lowered its head (to drink water or some other reason), or when a bird is flying and when it’s not. This is done by gravity; the sensor consists of a cylinder which has a metallic ball, on one end it makes connection and on the other end and in the middle way it doesn’t make connection. So the sensor is installed in a specific position so it will make connection and change its number of beeps per minute when the desired position is achieved.

    Water sensor: Pulse rate changes when the animal is submerged or out of the water. Pulse rating can be specified by the user.