1. VHF

    VHF telemetry is a reliable and cost-effective solution for wildlife tracking.

    VHF is a very cost effective and in many cases the best or even the only option for long term and/or long-range tracking, especially on smaller species.

    Telenax is a leading manufacturer of VHF telemetry equipment worldwide. We have served the market for more than a decade and we have many returning customers because our units are efficient and reliable.

    Starting at 0.35 grams we offer some of the smallest radio tracking equipment available in the world. Even our smallest units are microprocessor controlled which adds extra reliability and control over pulse width and rate.

    We also offer extra features like activity-inactivity-mortality, posture or water sensor. We can customize the transmitters to find the perfect balance between strength and life depending on customer’s needs.

    Our materials are top of the line. For example, we use an amazing belting for our transmitters which is light, flexible, waterproof, with perfectly smooth and rounded edges, does not promote fungi growth, extremely strong (successfully used on bears), and we can offer widths of 18, 30 and 50 mm. Our attachments and housings are carefully designed to be the least invasive and yet most functional.  For instance, our ear tags are very popular because they are shaped to avoid entanglement and biting from other animals. Our implanted tags use coiled internal antennas that are better for the animal and still achieve very good signal strength

    Despite our large selection of different models, we pride ourselves in being able to customize orders with customer-defined features such as battery size, attachment technique (collar, backpack, harness, etc), attachment materials, shape, weight and/or size restrictions, etc. Animal comfort and welfare are always of the greatest importance.

    As we care about nature conservation and research, we have recently increased our Best Price Guarantee in which we promise to keep our prices at least 20% cheaper than other comparable system from other well-recognized wildlife tracking manufacturers.

    Last but not least, we are so confident in our technology and reliability we offer an extended warranty option for up to 3 years. If you are still hesitant, you can buy one or two units for your own testing so you can be fully convinced.

    Based in our experience and knowledge, the most and probably the only effective method for protection of cattle against theft available in the market is to implant a VHF transmitter into the rumen, because any other method needs to be external and, thus, susceptible to removal.

    The advantage of a VHF transmitter is that it can be easily implanted and that it can last for many years. Its disadvantage is that it has a limited detection distance. Nevertheless, you can effectively protect the cattle.

    To implant the transmitter, you just have to insert the Applicator through the cow’s mouth and push the implant. This is made in a few seconds without any harm or preparation needed, and the unit will remain in the rumen for the cow’s life.

    On the bright side, our implants (already inside the cattle) are proven to reach up to 12 km while tracking from ground level and in areas where there is very little vegetation. They could probably reach more than 15 km if you are tracking from the air (airplane, helicopter, ultralight, etc) though we have not yet been able to test it .

    On the other side, obstacles are very important when you are tracking as they decrease the signal strength, in some situations dramatically. For example, if both the cattle and the receiving system are located inside a forest the detection distance could become of around 500 to 1000 meters, or probably less. Similar or worse situation could be experienced if the cattle is taken into a basement, or into a metallic container. There are ways to improve this, for example, if you can go up on a hill as the amount of obstacles in a straight line decreases substantially.

    So the bottom line is that you have very good chances to locate your cattle and the thieves, but success is not guaranteed as certain circumstances could keep you from finding the signals.

    In our opinion, you have extremely good chances to find them if you can track from an airplane or helicopter, as these can cover a wide area very fast and the detection distance from the air is usually close the maximum. Maybe the expense to rent an airplane seems too high, but most likely thieves would stop stealing after the first ones are caught.

    If tracking from the air is not an option then your highest chances of finding the cattle would usually rely on how fast you realize it is missing and/or how far they are taken.

    The following table shows the best suitable model for this application:

    Please check the picture where you can see the transmitter and the Applicator.

    You would also need at least one receiver RX-600 which allows you to track up to 50 individuals without risk of overlapping. We have receiving systems able to track more units if needed. Please take a look at the specifications sheets for the receiver and the transmitter.

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