Receiver RX-0.5M

  1. Description

    Range (Bandwidth): 0.5MHz on any frequency between148-222MHz. The range selected should be continuous, for example 150-150.5MHz

    • Features noise suppression circuitry to reduce unwanted interference
    • 48 channels to track up to 48 animals (3 bands with 16 channels each)
    • Lightweight: 454g (16 oz); Compact: 17.5cm (6 3/4 “) x 7.6cm (3”) x 3.8cm 9 “)
    • Attenuator prevents overload, ensuring close and accurate tracking
    • Power supply options: 8 disposable AAA batteries for 13-15 hours of tracking or rechargeable NiCd batteries, recharging unit, DC cable with auto cigarette lighter socket
    • Five-year limited warranty for all parts and labor in electronics
    • Comes with a case for easy carrying

    Technical specifications:

    Noise Factor: 2.0 dB typical

    Input Impedance: 50 ohms

    Frequency Range: Continuous range selection from 148 and up to 222 MHz

    Frequency Stability: +/- 2 KHz from -28 to +48 degrees Celsius or higher

    Image and False Refusals: 45 db or higher

    Minimum Discernible Signal: -149 dBm (.008 microvolts) or higher

    Circuit Design: Superheterodyne double converter with 2 poles of crystal 2.4 KHz @ 6 dB descending, pasobanda

    Manual Gain Range: 70 dB

    Tuning: Separation between 10 KHz channels, tuning by digital quartz tuner. Fine adjustment VCXO +/- 5 KHz

    Reset Frequency: +/- 2 KHz or higher

    Signal Measurement: Scale 0-1, minimum signal to activate, -140 dBm, 20 dB dynamic range

    Noise Suppression Circuit: Advanced circuitry, eliminates most impulsive noise

    Operating Voltage: 9-14 volt DC current, or optionally via disposable batteries or rechargeable NiCd batteries

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