Mammal: 0.5 to 10kg


Primates are very smart and strong. They are good in removing collars that use nuts and screws. The most widely use option is stainless steel cable instead of regular belting.


For sloth the best option is a backpack for flat rope These models are attached with a harness made of a cylindrical or flat rope. The harness can surround the wings, legs, chest or neck depending on the species and method used. There are 2 main types of Backpacks:


For pangolin the best option is a model that is screwed on the dorsal scales.

Others 0.5-10kg

Mammals between 0.5 and up to 5 kg can carry up to 5% of their own weight, while mammals from 5 kg can carry up to 3%. The recommended option is always a collar and belting width must not compromise feeding or head movement.