VHF (Radio Tracking)

VHF Collars

There are 4 main types of collars: CB or CZ - Collar with Belting, CL - Collar with antenna Cable, CM - Collar for Primates, CP - Collar reinforced for Parrots

VHF Backpack

Used on all kinds of birds and other species with particular needs like crocodiles and alligators. These models are attached with a harness made of a cylindrical or flat rope.

VHF Glued

The length of time the transmitter will remain on the animal before falling off depends on the species and type of glue used.

VHF Implants

External type of antenna which can be of different lengths. The longer the antenna the better detection range. The cable can be implanted subcutaneous or can be totally external.

VHF Eartag

Ear tag transmitters are a very good option for juveniles or when Collars are not the best option.

VHF Screwed

Possible species: Aquatic or Terrestrial Turtles, Pangolin, Waterfowl (on a neck or leg band).

VHF Patagial

Possible Species: Condor, Pelican. Stainless steel screws and security nuts are used.

VHF Tailmount

There are 2 main types: TS - Tailmount Sewn, TM - Tailmount with Metal crimp on feather.

VHF Necklace

Necklaces are to be used like collars, with the main difference that there is no belting, instead, the head is passed through a hole made by the antenna, epoxy, a bib preferably made of vinyl-coated nylon, or a combination of these.

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